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Fernandina Beach I Love You graphic in the works

Fernandina I Love You

 Amelia Boutique’s  graphic team is putting the finishing touches on a new Fernandina Beach I Love You graphic. Similar to the “Amelia I Love You” graphic this one features the big red heart. This wording for this one is round and punched out from a red band. The graphic for dark colored apparel is a white (cream) band around the big red heart. It also displays the “Established in 1696” – the date that ‘Oldtown’ was established on the Amelia Island. The truth is that Amelia Island has been continuously inhabited for thousands of years. The French laid claim to the island in 1562 (just 70 years after Europeans discovered the Americas) but the Indians inhabited the island long before that. It will take some time for the graphic to be refined and photographed on our array of products. In the meantime, it can be delivered on any product by special request. Just use our contact page “here” with your request. Pricing is the same as each already published product.

Fernandina I Love You graphic